Multiple Sclerosis by Anonymous

I am a 38 year old woman recently diagnosed with MS. My husband brought me a joint one afternoon after seeing me suffering in pain.  After smoking it many of the symptoms eased enough for me to relax and have my first night of really good sleep.  The vision problems, numbness, shaking and overall muscle spasms were not as intense as they had been earlier.  I was not really excited about smoking, since I quit cigarettes almost four years ago and was really proud of myself for that accomplishment.  So we decided to try and buy a large quantity and make some baked goods and try it in a tea form. Well I am really happy to say that it helps so so so much. 

Only those in chronic pain can appreciate the overall sense of your body relaxing enough for you to almost feel normal.  I have a doctor who is totally against medicinal marihuana, which really upsets me.  I feel he is being selfish and not open-minded enough to realize that most of the pharmaceuticals we take are derived from plant matter, and if it helps some people then it should be allowed. 

I have to buy it illegally on the street because of my doctor’s actions and am looking for another doctor now, but that is easier said than done. I will now research all of my options and find the best way to supply my urgent need for pain relief.