Marijuana and the Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia
by Anonymous

Dear Dr. Grinspoon:

I'm 64, a patent licensing agent, I have an MPH and MRP degrees from the University of Michigan and lucky to be married to a 44-year-old Bangkok Univ grad woman. I've used Cannabis sativa for over 40 to relieve anxiety (I have been operated on for a perforated ulcer in the past). Just recently (the last few years) I began using Cannabis indica (Grand Daddy Purple) for facial nerve pain relief.

After injuring my head on a wood beam while installing a cable line under my condo, I received some Cannabis indica and was surprised to see that two puffs relieved facial nerve pain so intense that I felt my teeth needed to be pulled out (ever though my teeth are in great shape). I did not know the type of induce then.

After my facial nerve pain was eradicated in 2007, I had intense facial nerve pain in 2009 and 2010 triggered by acacia tree pollen due to unusually heavy rain in Northern California. I obtained (legally) some Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis Indica in 2009 to treat myself.

Advil and Bayer Asprin usually handle any headache or nerve pain. However, they did not work for my facial nerve pain.

I was not able to sleep due to the intense pain. At 2:30 AM, I got out of bed, had 10 puffs of Grand Daddy Purple and the pain not only went away, it did not come back even though the acacia tree pollen was still around!?

I use a small pipe to take my cannabis medication. I take cannabis as needed.

I have not had any legal difficulty except for job discrimination.

I prefer to remain anonymous.

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